New Year’s ‘resolutions’ 2012

31 12 2011

I’m not normally one for New Years Resolutions. Someone I know once said he didn’t as it wasn’t really necessary to wait for 1st January to make changes.

But sometimes I think we get lazy, and probably need the 1st January to prompt us to make changes that we know we need to make and would keep putting off otherwise.

So, I’m not sure I’m going to so much make New Year’s resolutions as much as these are some things I’m going to try to change next year. Some are more ambitious than others, and those seem to be the ones that are less measurable!

I guess they fall into categories:

Fairly average and straightforward resolutions

  • Quit Corrie (I know, I’m shocked too! – Though I should probably add, if they write out any major character, I’ll permit myself to watch that episode. My main reason for this addendum is because I know at some point they must be doing something for Betty 😦 )
  • Watch less tele – mainly try to cut back those times I have it on looking for something to watch rather than putting it on to specifically watch things.
  • Exercise more (also known as START exercising) and lose a little weight
  • Spend more time either on my violin or improve at the piano
  • Get my sewing machine back out and use it
  • Read more, and not just easy reads
  • Less of the irritating chattering
  • Reduce time spent on social media

A bit more deep, meaningful and more effort involved

  • Learn to love God more
  • Learn to think better of myself
  • Have a more positive outlook

I guess the first list are sort of nice ideas, the second list are a little more life-changing.

I’ve been working on this list for a week or two, so there may still be a couple of minor adjustments, but I think that’s pretty much it!

Do you have any resolutions this year? What’ve you gone for?



2 responses

1 01 2012
Ian Walden

On the plus side, making good progress on the first list will almost certainly bring progress (and in many cases, be an expression of progress) in all the items on your second list! I go with a broad definition of ‘spiritual disciplines’, and playing the violin and/or resisting the media lure most certainly count!

1 10 2012
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