Maths probably doesn’t count as a hobby

24 01 2012

I like Maths. I think it’s really fun.

There I said it – may I be judged for enjoying something so ‘dull’!

This week at work I actually had to use Pythagoras’ Theorem which I was probably too excited about to be normal anyway, but this then led to a discussion of what fun things we did in A Level maths! Started with differentiation, then integration, then integration with limits, and then even radians in it all! (I may have added the word “fun” in there…)

It honestly made me want to buy an exercise book for some A Level course, either a pure or mechanics one, and go home and do some sums!

But that would make it a hobby wouldn’t it? I don’t think anyone does maths for fun…

Is that too weird? What hobby’s do you have or wish you could have that most people would think you bizarre for?!



2 responses

25 01 2012
Graham Senior

Not entirely. I never went as far as doing A level Maths but I must confess to having sat on a railway station platform once writing random simultaneous equations to see if they had a solution … all because the train was very late. Virginia Water, I think it was.

22 02 2012

Maths DEFINITELY counts as a hobby. I do maths problems for fun all the time, and some of the best mathematicians have only been amateurs who did it in their free-time in between their job as a judge or a cleaner, or office clerk (Einstein started out this way, though his work was really motivated by a love for physics).

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