Indistinguishable sounds

30 01 2012

There are sounds that, strange as it sounds, I sometimes struggle to distinguish…

This hasn’t been the case the past few years, which I think just reflects the areas/house layouts I’ve lived in. But when I was younger, I’d lie in bed at night (this sounds like my previous post!) and hear a noise, and really not be able to work out what it was. Sort of this low rumbling noise, and each time it was one of these things:

  • An aeroplane or helicopter overhead (happened suprisingly often – I wonder if helicopters trained over Romsey at nighttime… that or I guessed wrong most times!)… When I was little, I used to be scared it was the beginning of World War Three… I was even more of a wuss then!!
  • Someone putting their wheelie bin out
  • thunder
  • a garage door being opened or closed…

I used to have a massive problem distinguishing between them!

Too weird? What other sounds are really similar?
This post was probably a bit too dull, right?



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