“As boring as the KitKat story”

5 02 2012

A few weeks ago I was giving my housemate Arianne the highlights of my Tesco trip, as you do, which included a little anecdote about how I’d bought a couple of 4 packs of 4 finger kitkats, but when I’d rung them up at the self service checkout, they were listed on the receipts as packs of 5.

Arianne then told me just how boring that story was 🙂

Since then, we have started to use the phrase “as boring as the KitKat story” fairly often…
“Did I tell you about such and such? It’s probably as boring as the KitKat story”
“That was as boring as the KitKat story wasn’t it?”

So yea, my aim is to never be as boring as that! But at least I can now laugh it off when I’m boring by referring to the KitKat story!

Do you have a boring story to share?! (Someone suggested to me a story where they left sellotape in the garden overnight. Full stop.) Do you have any bizarre phrases like that that have become common to you?



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