My proudest moment

22 02 2012

I guess graduation was a pretty good day, the day I got my silver Duke of Edinburgh award was a bit special (especially when my leader announced the the whole church that no one had thought I’d ever even manage bronze!) and the day I passed my driving test was a proud one too. However, one of my proudest moments is definitely less ‘substantial’ as it were, but equally real! …We played a game with the kids at church tonight that reminded me of it!

I’m a bit of a giggler. When I was in my early-mid teens I giggled and squealed in a generally annoying way for most of the time (some may say that nothings changed). Utterly no self control when it came to laughter.

At one of our youth weekends away around that time, we played a game. Everyone sat in a big circle with one person stood in the middle. That person had to go up to anyone in the circle and say “If you really love me honey, then please, just smile”, that person then had to reply “I really love you honey but I just can’t smile”. All. Without. Laughing.

I know what you’re thinking, absolutely no way Ineke would manage that, and normally, I’d totally agree with you. But get this: I did it.

Picked yourself off the floor? Good! A girl said the line to me, and I replied, completely straight faced. The gasp that went round the room was shocking. I think it’s that gasp I’m most proud of. Completely destroyed peoples assumptions about me there!

Could you manage that game?! What crazy little things in your life are you proud of that aren’t so run of the mill?



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