Five Favourite Flowers

23 03 2012

I quite enjoyed my last post finding my five favourite Disney songs, so thought maybe I’d do it with flowers! It’s spring, flowers are coming into bloom all over the place and looking lovely – it seems appropriate 🙂
Again, no particular order, but here’s some of my favourite flowers!

Once we get to spring you can get bunches so cheaply in the supermarket I tend to keep some on the go at all times – brightens up the house and lifts my mood out of winter a bit! This is one from when I was doing this at uni

Specifically these bigger ones, I think this was taken on holiday in Jersey

Like colourful daisies! This was my friend Becky’s wedding bouquet – my bridesmaids bouquet can be seen in the background 🙂

My housemate, Arianne, has some for her birthday and they’re totally beautiful, and the house smells amazing!

Sadly not my photo, and I couldn’t find one to do real life tulips justice, these could possibly edge their way in as an actual favourite if they’re not careful!

Obvious question – what’s your favourite flower?!

I wonder if I could have enough ideas to do Five Favourite Friday post… gosh that’d be a challenge! Are there enough things out there for it to last? Would it be of any interest?



2 responses

23 03 2012
Emma King

Alstroemaria, like the ones in the picture on this website:
Laurence got me some when we were going out, and loved them 🙂 There seem to be loads of bunches of them in supermarket flower sections atm.

23 03 2012

ooo they’re lovely 🙂

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