New Years Resolutions – review #2

26 03 2012

So I’ve left it a bit longer this time between reviewing my progress with this again – it’s been a pretty busy time since the last review as we’ve been busy trying to find somewhere new to live, and I think that may reflect in some of these – particularly just in the fact that some will have lapsed from most of my effort portion each day going into the house hunt! We’ll see…

  • Quit Corrie – A-OK! Caught myself glancing at the front of the magazines in waitrose the other day, but still no desire to watch it 🙂
  • Watch less tele – Bit of a fail on this lately, definitely noticed a habit of any random tv around tea time, so this evening we cracked out Series 1 Episode 1 of Gilmore Girls 🙂 And hopefully kicking some of the other resolutions up a gear will help with this too…
  • Exercise – Fail. Was due to run yesterday but woke up feeling really rough… made an enquiry with a local swimming pool this weekend though – might try that
  • Violin & Piano – Fail. Was going to get my violin out last weekend when my housemates were out, but then one stayed in and I was too self concious to give it a go.
  • Sewing – Not too shabby! Spent quite a bit of time on it this weekend as I’ve been able to move on with my project, should be done soon – will need to find something new to make to keep this up!
  • Reading – Finished One Day quite a while back, finished the last of my magazine subscription so now I should have no excuse. I was going to start Mere Christianity but still found it a bit daunting, so I’m working through Silences And Nonsenses by Adrian Plass at the mo, and then today I got leant the new Cecelia Ahern book, which I should hopefully read pretty quickly, so that’s next!
    All that said – I’ve not been reading anywhere near as often as I’d like to. On Saturday I spent a bit of time reading in the garden that was lovely. More of this weather might help!
  • Less of the irritating chattering – Who knows
  • Reduce time spent on social media – Proper fail. Again, like the TV one, need to improve some of the other resolutions to help with this one.
  • Learn to love God more – We’ve been going through a ‘season of prayer’ at church which has been really challenging and I do feel I’ve grown in it, and growing closer to God 🙂
  • Learn to think better of myself – Interestingly last week I heard a talk where they were saying about how we can be ugly and whatever and God loves us anyway. We can have our enthusiasm in Christ’s love for us to die for us… so this doesn’t necessarily mean I need to think better of myself does it? As long as I know that God does?
  • Have a more positive outlook – The whole house stuff lately has been stressful, but I’m mellowing about this. We won’t end up homeless. It’ll be ok!

Also, 5yearDiary is still going strong!



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