My new tiny room

22 05 2012

A month ago I moved house – I’m sure the stress was nothing compared to those buying somewhere (I’m only renting in a house share) but it was an entirely stressful experience! The letting agency made everything about 50 times more difficult than it should be, cancelling appointments we were on our way to or being an hour late for ones we were already at, and far too many other things to list. It was definitely not an enjoyable time!

But now we’ve been here a month I think we’re settling in pretty well. And as is the way when you do something like this, everyone’s standard “how are you” question for me at the moment is “so how are you guys settling into the house?”.

To start with I had the same answer every time, it’s really lovely, a lot more modern and therefore warmer than the last place, nice and homely, but oh, it’s tiny. And it really is small, every room (other than the downstairs toilet of all things) really is quite little. Kitchen space is completely minimal, and in the smallest of the bedrooms, I only have a hanging rail as there’s no space for a proper wardrobe! (To give you an idea, the length of the room is the length of a single bed plus the width of the doorway, and the width is too narrow to fit a single bed lengthways – that’s the best way I can describe it!)

But a few days later it struck me. That tiny little bedroom, could well be the size of the house that my Compassion sponsored child lives in. And not just him, his parents and siblings too. The entire family could be living in a dirty space, the size of the space that I cram with my worldly rubbish and little old me. Who am I to complain? My room may be small, but I still have space for most of my things in there, it’s heated, water tight and clean. I also have a bathroom, kitchen and living room, with safe running water, electrical appliances, internet – so much more than my sponsored child has.

My tiny room is great, I have nothing to complain about.



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