Not a rant at crazy drivers, almost pity!

23 07 2012

So last week I was driving home from work and there’s a bit where there are cars parked along the edge of the road and so only room for one car at a time to go down the road. Oncoming there was a car that was trying to parallel park and so I stopped to wait patiently to let it do so. Behind it was a learner driver and an ice-cream van so I just decided to wait and let them all go through. The cars behind me had other plans. Two cars pulled out round me, in front, and then had to go round onto the pavement (narrowly avoiding a pedestrian) to get round the learner and the van. I mean what did they gain from that? 20 seconds off their journey? Ironically, as I then let through another 5 or so cars, they all thanked me, apart from the one person I knew, who didn’t recognise me and just drove on through!

But as I drove home it dawned on me. Who is going to get home flustered and stressed, and who is going to get home peaceful? Who is more likely to have a stupid accident one day?

I didn’t feel rushed, it looks like patience pays off 🙂



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