London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Highlights

28 07 2012

I’m still completely blown away by last night. I thought it’d probably be some artsy fartsy representative work of our countryside, history and be a little bit dull to be honest.
The first 15min or so I thought I was right, but it greatly improved!
I’ve been trying to find the best bits to paste here, but there’s nothing official on youtube, so instead here’s links to some BBC videos.

  • BBC Highlights
  • Bond & The Queen – Do other countries think this is normal day-to-day for us?! Oh, and they both parachuted into the stadium, don’t believe me? watch it!
  • Mr Bean – I never ever expected the British sense of humour to be displayed in the opening ceremony, so to have this treat – utterly brilliant!
  • The torch lighting – This was outstanding. We’d all been speculating as to who might light the torch, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed this. A beautiful gesture. A part of the cauldron brought from each country, and lit by multiple representatives of the next generation. Amazing. (But still with a selection of the famous Olympians bringing it to the stadium to keep everyone from complaining!)
  • The Red Arrows – no major British event is complete without this!
  • There were definite fluctuations through the evening, from surreal to superb and back again several times, but overall just fantastic! (assuming we ignore Paul McCartneys minor muck-up against his backing track…!)

    I was worried before it started that we’d just humiliate ourselves or be boring, but it was fantastic!



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