17 08 2012

“I don’t like change. Although there’s a few I’d like to make.”

I overheard someone say this today and it got me thinking, doesn’t this just sum up the negativity of our society?

The Olympics were so great for our countries morale, but it seems we’re now slipping back into what we’re used to: cynicism and grumpiness.

I’m not immune to this, I can be one of the worst, but this sentence just caught up so much of what bothers me. It sort of says “I only want things to change if they change for me, for my benefit.” The selfishness of this society.

Gosh, doesn’t this blog sound negative in itself! Apologies – Happy Friday all! 🙂



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18 08 2012
Hapax Legomenon

Yay! I feature!
I 50% disagree. A number of the changes I would like to make are for fairness, or a better/more efficient way of doing things. One change I pushed for and got, was previously benefitting me, and I knew that I would lose that benefit if things changed, but I pushed for it anyway. In this matter, things are better/more fair than previously, but there is still room for improvement.
Change can be uncomfortable, even when it does benefit us directly, and the process of change is often the bit people (who don’t like change) focus on, and it scares them or puts them off. Having better cardio and stamina would benefit me loads, but making the change to go running or to the gym regularly, puts me off.
Not liking change is negative, but wanting some things to change is not always selfish.

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