Friday five favourite: Smells

2 11 2012

Sadly this isn’t smellinet, but I hope the photos below help trigger some of the smells! – Worrying how most of them are food related?

Melted chocolate

Last week I made my fourth visit to Cadbury World. The first time I went there, the second you stepped out of the car into the car park you could smell the chocolate in the air! There’s also a room where you get given a pot of melted chocolate, and it just smells incredible.

Frying garlic

This might sound like a weird one, but in one of my previous houses I would repeatedly get home from work and call downstairs that dinner smelt amazing, only to find that it was just the garlic frying before anything else went in! Seriously, try it!


I know the packaging implies this is for kids but it’s not. This stuff smells incredible. I know for me this is partly just to do with the fact that I had it as a child, but it’s great for when you’re bunged up! you just put little drops on your pillow or a hanky, and you’ve got a great smell hanging around! My housemate was using it recently and the whole house just had this wonderful soothing smell 🙂

Cake in the oven

When you bake a cake, there are many side bonuses, the warm house, licking the bowl of the icing, and of course the smell. When you put a cake in the oven you tend to want to check it early, but I have this rough rule of thumb that it generally doesn’t need checking until you can smell it, that’s when it’s getting towards done (not that I’ve experimented with many cakes, this is mainly about sponge cake!). But what a heart warming smell it is 🙂 It let’s you know the treat is nearly ready!

Fresh Coffee

Now I’m no coffee fan, but this smell is just beautiful! When I was at university I went to a little church who, during the last songs, turned on the coffee machines at the back of the room. Not sure this totally helped me focus as the smell was just lovely! I don’t like the taste of coffee, but I just love the smell 🙂

What are your favourite things to smell? What have I missed?



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10 11 2012
Blue Eyes

I’ve never been to Cadbury World! I should definitely go in 2013! xx

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