Friday five favourite: Sandwiches

9 11 2012

Coronation chicken

Just beautiful, and with fruit and stuff to make it healthy! Best on granary

Peanut butter and jam

A good mixture of protein and fruit – best with soft 50/50 bread 🙂

Pork & Apple Sauce

Leftover Sunday port with apple sauce in some seeded bread – yummy!

Fuzzy’s Roast Dinner in a Sandwich

Just brilliant, roast meat with all the trimmings including yorkshires, potatoes, veg, gravy, sauce, all in one sandwich!

Corn Beef & Mustard

A nice cheap basic lunch, again a good match for soft 50/50 bread!



2 responses

9 11 2012

Agreed on the coronation chicken. None of the Boots Christmas sandwiches make the list??

9 11 2012

oooo they should have done! the corned beef one was more of a “hmm what else can i put in” but i wrote this a week ago before I remembered about the christmas sandwiches! shame!

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