My big ideas: New Week Format

2 02 2013

Do you ever have enough time to get everything done at the weekend? No? Me neither.
I have a theory I’d like to share with you.
What if we had a 3 day weekend?
I know we probably all consider this most Fridays and Mondays, but seriously.
Most weekends consist of a day of getting jobs done, and a day of rest/vegging out.
For those of us that attend church, these go a specific way round!
But what happens when there’s a wedding to go to one Saturday?
Or a party? Or a day out?
Then the jobs all get shoved to the Sunday afternoon, and there’s no time to rest.
So here’s what I propose.
A 3 day weekend – one day for fun, one day for jobs, one day for church and rest.
A four day working week would also create more jobs – there’d be lower unemployment!
These don’t have to be the same three days for everyone.
Maybe more companies could be open 6 days a week with overlapping staff?!
Or it could work like a BBC article suggested this week – 40 hours in 4 days
(See it’s not even me thinking this!)

**4/3/13 – EDIT** – Also, I can NEVER lie in on a Saturday as my body clock is still on work mode, then on Sunday I have to get up for Church, so Monday would be a great day for that much needed lie in!

So that’s my proposal – any takers?!



2 responses

2 02 2013

I’m with you. It’s only on long weekends that I get to do ‘extra’ things or take on any bigger projects at home. Thankfully, I have a job with lots of vacation so I can add a long weekend here and there when in desperate need.

12 07 2014
Internet highlights f/c 29th June 2014 |

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