Friday Five Favourite: Sunday School Songs

1 03 2013

I’m definitely one for sentimentality, so here, unashamedly, is my five favourite Sunday school songs from when I was little!

Jesus loves me this I know

slightly trippy video!

My God is so big

do the Brucey pose!

Jesus’ love is very wonderful

slightly modified words – “oh wonderful love!”

Only a boy named David

123 Jesus Loves Me

starts at 2min

One of the oldest ones I remember I really don’t remember hearing anywhere else ever, it doesn’t seem to be on the internet anywhere either!
My Sunday school teacher, Janet, held up picture cards for us to sing it of the main words because it was when we were too young to read!
Fortunately, my mum having the amazing memory she does, has remembered all the words!:

Lots of faces in a class
Lots of faces in a class,
Lots of classes in a school,
Aren’t we far too many for,
Jesus to look after?
No, for…

Nobody else is just like me,
Nobody else is just like me,
Nobody else is just like me,
I’m important to Jesus.

Different faces, hands and feet,
Clothes untidy, clean or neat,
Aren’t we much too muddling for
Jesus to look after.
No, for…


Sleeping, waking eating meals,
Jesus knows just how it feels,
Running, jumping, sitting still,
Jesus knows us always.
Yes, for…


This one I only learnt last year so it doesn’t count as one of my Sunday school songs, but it’s amazing!
Jesus is my superhero



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