Friday five favourite: Chick flicks part 2

21 06 2013

Continued from last week:

To avoid too much judgement I’m doing chick flicks, not just “films”, because if I did my five favourite films I’d get looked down on!
The other key word here is “favourite”, not “Friday five best”, so I’m totally entitled to my own opinion 🙂

So here are this weeks! Last week were more classic, these are, bar one, a bit more recent!

27 Dresses

just gutted that the trailer barely covers Benny & The Jets!

The Proposal

Definitely Maybe

The Object of my Affection

Pitch Perfect

So given the 10 films over the last 2 weeks, are there any you loved? Are there any off the list you think I should have included or think I should see?



2 responses

3 07 2013

I think I’ve only ever heard of The Proposal. That’s some rare cinema you’re watching.

5 07 2013

deprived! I recommend you try some of them out 🙂

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