An added bonus from the smoking ban!

27 07 2013

On 1st July 2007 smoking was banned in all indoor public places and workplaces in England, quite controversial at the time – it was quite usual to go into a restaurant and end up next to a smoker, maybe there’d be a non smoking section of the room, but you were all still sharing the same air. These days that seems like something fictional; the world has definitely moved on, it’s wonderful!

The rule however does not apply to outdoor places, but this week I noticed a culture shift even in this which really made me smile.

I was shopping in Southampton with my friend Holly from 6th Form College and having a good catch up, we had a lovely lunch at the new Toby Carvery sandwich place, and later, incredible Italian icecreams and took them out to a bench on the high street. After a while, a woman came and sat next to us on the bench, and after a minute said. “Excuse me, I’m just going to smoke, do you ladies mind or would you rather I went somewhere else, I don’t want to blow smoke all over you!”

We said we were just leaving anyway and not to worry (we needed to go back to a shop anyway!), but thanked her for asking and being so considerate. I have never experienced that before, she was perfectly at liberty to sit down and light up, but she went out of her way to check with us first. Who’d have thought it; what a lovely lady!

The smoking ban really has improved things.

Has this ever happened to you before?!



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