New Years Resolutions – Final review 2013

28 12 2013

Haven’t done a review since May, which is a bad start in itself, but here we go….

  • Only buy FairTrade chocolate – done pretty well with this, there’s been the odd exception eg a Christmas present, and a few (probably less than 5 in a year) on the logic of cocoa percentage (which I can’t find ANYWHERE on the internet at the mo, but give me a shout if you want an explanation)
  • Read more – Was doing really well with this, but then I’ve now been on the same book the last 5 months, though to be fair it’s really 5 short books. Aiming to finish for the new year though, then go for something a bit more normal length!
  • Limit daily time spent watching TV series on DVD – I’ve been absolutely blitzing Grey’s Anatomy the last few months, and so this one’s gone to pot, but then other than Saturday evenings I’ve barely been watching any TV. I cancelled my LoveFilm though, and once I finish Grey’s (which I’m borrowing the DVDs off of a friend for), I’m going to try to read more and even if I get into a new TV series, not to blitz it but be more rationed! Also aiming for the last couple of series of Grey’s to only watch one episode in an evening rather than 2 or 3 which is easily done.
  • Exercise – there’ve been some good attempts with this! I got a weighted hula hoop in June, and would use it while watching 20 minute episodes of The Office US, however it phased out when I went to 40min tv shows! Then over the summer I played badminton weekly with some friends from work which was great fun and definitely good exercise, but once term time started, all of the courts within any reasonable distance got block bookings and so that had to stop. In December however I inherited a Wii from a friend and bought some accessories so we now have some of the dancing games, which are a) great exercise and b)worryingly addictive! This is the new plan!!
  • Better bedtime routine – yea not wonderful, but getting lots of sleep, normally 8 hours ish, so not too worried, but could do better
  • Sort through my photos and print off some for a photo album – I ended up ordering a photo book, which was a much better option in heinsight – expensive yes, but it’d’ve been more expensive to print them, and this way they’re all arranged nicely and in different sizes and captioned. I’ve done the one for my 6th form years, uni is next, but not going to rush it as as I said, it’s not cheap!
  • Put clothes away at night – this has fluctuated. I got better once I got my new fabric covered wardrobe frame, still room for improvement, but progress has been made
  • Write down good things that happen and put them in a jar – nothing since my last update in May. I’ll try again next year
  • Learn to love God more, do everything for His glory, and make time for Him. – This is a resolution for every year!

I’ll come back before or after the new year with next year’s resolutions!



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