Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator – by Roald Dahl

14 01 2014

This book is utterly nuts.

Roald Dahl writes some really odd stuff. You don’t notice it as a child, but working through these as a grown up I’m seeing just how odd they are!

If you’re not sure if you’re read it before, do the words, “Vermicious Knids”, “Wonka-Vite” or “Minusland” mean anything to you? If not, you definitely haven’t read it!

In this sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we go into outer space, we make people younger, we go to the centre of the earth – definitely not a book of reality, but still utterly genius and grabbed me ’til I finished it.

It only takes a couple of days, give it a go if you want a break from all the heavy grown up reading you’re busy doing!

Oh, and if you were wondering why it’s not called “Charlie and the Great Glass Lift”, may I refer you to this quote from the opening chapter:

“‘Madam,’ said Mr Wonka, ‘it is not a lift any longer. Lifts only go up and down inside buildings. But now that it has taken us up into the sky, it has become an ELEVATOR. It is THE GREAT GLASS ELEVATOR.'”

charlie and the great glass elevator



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