Heaven is for Real – by Todd Burpo

3 08 2014

Earlier this year we were talking about resurrection/heaven in my housegroup, and this book came up as some had read it. The film also came out earlier this year.

Safe to say, some people really hate this book. I’m not about to dive into a theological debate, feel free to read the book for yourself.

Basically it’s another testimony book. A family whose son got very ill, and while on the operating table, experienced some time in heaven. As he starts to mention things he saw, he shares things that at his tender age of 3, he could only know from experience, definitely not things he’d’ve been taught in Sunday school, and he talks of people he met, who died years before he was born.

But the biggest thing for me in this book was the dads attitude. The book is written by the father, who himself is a church pastor. Every single time his son recounts something from that trip, he immediately goes to his bible and checks that it tallies and corresponds, and most importantly does not contradict what he finds there.

Of course the cynics claim it’s all made up, no story is without it’s disagreers, but I definitely found it an encouraging read, not just for the glimpse of what heaven might be like, but the things the family learnt as they went through that awful time too.

Read it and see what you think 🙂

heaven is for real



2 responses

11 08 2014
Becky Coldrick

I enjoyed the film for entertainment, although I didn’t take it as gospel, if you’ll excuse the pun!

11 08 2014

haha amazing! I haven’t seen the film, will get round to it at some point, but the trailer looks quite different to the book

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