Internet highlights w/c 14th September 2014

20 09 2014

Friends episodes as 8-bit gifs

Only click here if you’ve seen all of Gilmore Girls

Stupid complaints from holiday makers

Self stabilising spoon invented to help parkinsons patients – ingenius!

Reaction of a little girl when her dad shaved his beard!

Girls vs Boys pillow strategy

Things we never knew about Gilmore Girls

Goldfish has lifesaving £125 brain surgery

The no-phone!

James Jordan tells Katie Hopkins what’s what

Ridiculous travel accessories

Things that the youth of today will never experience – SOOO many of these are SOOO true!!

Gilmore Girls life lessons

Woman convinced friends and family she was on a trip round Asia when she never left her flat!

Someone struggling with an automatic gearbox, and it’s “day” and “night” mode

How to make people take the stairs



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