Internet highlights w/c 2nd November 2014

8 11 2014

10 great 90s worship songs we must bring back (I’d agree with 1-7, don’t know the last 3!)

Back To The Future cast – then and now

Fascinating maths and logic puzzles

Top Gear WILL show Argentina footage

VERY clever jokes – I only needed help with four of them, proper chuffed!

Christmas toys 90s kids desperately wanted – dear goodness this brought back some memories of jealousy!

Quotes from children’s books

Lisa Kudrow answers questions on Friends

Two petitions to get the Green Party included in the TV Election debates last year (UKIP get a position, why not Green when they both have an MP?)
Petition 1 – from
Petition 2 – from 38degrees

Cereal cafe to open in London with 100 varieties over 2 floors

Definitely not the nicest plane journey

Cats in the weirdest places

Modern day Mr Men

Man turns his wives ashes into fireworks

The Downton cast’s favourite Dowager one-liners

“Pooh may have been a simple bear in profound danger of early-onset diabetes, but what if we were to approach the Bible in the same way he approached the honey?”



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