The Year I Met You – by Cecelia Ahern

13 11 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book written in the second person before! I’d thought a while ago how books are always written in the first or third person, but never second – that is not the case.

Jasmine has just lost her job, and her neighbour over the road has just had his wife leave him. He works on the radio and is generally very offensive – Jasmine hates him for something he once said about people with Downs Syndrome, which her sister has, and this book is written as if she is speaking to him.

We follow her year of gardening leave, working out what to do with her time, figuring out what to do at the end of it when she’s allowed to work again, a headhunter called Monday, her relationship with her neighbours who she never really knew before, and her relationship with her sister.

Feel good as Cecelia Ahern’s books always are, this is definitely another one.

I actually got this book much earlier than expected, I normally get the new Cecelia Ahern books when they come out in paperback, and this isn’t due until next summer. But last month I was in an airport, and exclusively they sell books in paperback that are only hardback in shops – expensive, yes, and still bulky in size, but it was very exciting to get it so early. Just means a long long wait for the next one now!

the year i met you



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