New Years Resolutions: 2014 review and setting new ones for 2015

2 01 2015

It’s probably not a good starting indication that I didn’t do a single resolution review last year, because it shows they really weren’t at the forefront of my mind!
Let’s start with a look back at last year’s resolutions before setting up a list for this year.

  • Actively make more time for reading – I’d say I did pretty well here, I read 24 books this year (not including devotionals)! That’s nearly one a fortnight. The previous year I read 13, so nearly doubled it! Some were quicker, some (mainly non-fiction) much slower, but I’ve definitely focussed on it a bit more. I think I’ve chosen more fiction because I know I read it quicker, but I’ve really enjoyed it this year.
  • Limit DVD binging – The aim was to not sit and watch countless episodes of something in an evening. I made a good start on this, but then later in the year started on How I Met Your Mother. The episodes are only 20 minutes and so I did tend to watch a few. I finished the year in season 1 of Lost. That’s easier to restrict to 1 or 2 episodes. Several busy evenings per week also helped with this one!
  • Exercise regularly – utter utter fail. I did about 3 or 4 weeks of “bootcamp” which was a half hour in the park on Fridays after work in May. Stopped when I got ill and never really picked anything up after that other than the occasional Wedding reception disco etc!
  • Lose weight – in the worst possible way I lost weight through a bad bout with my anxiety disorder in June when I didn’t eat properly for about 2 weeks. That got me to my target weight, I went up a little after but generally quite happy with my weight now. That said – I’ve not weighed myself since before the Christmas eating began…
  • Make a better attempt at the happiness jar – Yea this didn’t even start this year. I think I’ll use it for storage instead.
  • Learn more meals to cook – I did a couple this year, but definitely tailed off after the first handful of months. I got a couple of new recipe books through the year including one just at Christmas, so I haven’t completely given up.
  • Keep clothes organised and tidy – The whole folding them thing didn’t happen, and while I do maybe hang up my trousers properly once every week or two, the rest of the time they’re put on top of my wardrobe to grab another day.
  • Learn to love God more, do everything for His glory, and make time for Him. – This is a resolution for every year!

I’d definitely give myself a low mark on 2014!

So, what shall I aim for next year?

  • Learn to love God more, do everything for His glory, and make time for Him. – this is for every year
  • Find a form of exercise that I enjoy or at least don’t hate enough that I can stick to it regularly
  • Expand cooking repertoire and use new meals regularly to mix up weeks a bit
  • Start giving blood again if they’ll let me
  • Snack healthier, and maybe don’t eat chocolate every day!
  • Keep my room tidy and organised, and clear out regularly
  • Get my life and particularly evenings more organised!

I’m sure I had some other ideas over the last few days which I didn’t write down as I thought of them, so I might add these at a later date as I remember them. And if you think of anything you think I need to change about myself, let me know! 😉

also adding in…

  • Grow my nails out again
  • Watch all 6 Star Wars films and all three LOTR – and shall we throw in the BTTF trilogy too as it’s an anniversary year?



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