Sewing: Sleeveless shell top

23 04 2015

So having posted about the trouble I had with the walkaway dress, I’ve had a tonne of help and advice, particularly from the lady who wrote the book herself, and am very grateful! When I next head down to my parents I’ll be giving it another go 🙂

Before I started the dress I made the Sleeveless Shell Top. It seemed a nice, simple way to start having not done any sewing in a few years, and no proper sewing in a very long time. In fact, this was the first time I ever made anything on my own from a pattern, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

The garment was made from six pieces of fabric: one for the front, two for the back, and then three pieces of facing. I’d heard the word “facing” a lot on the Sewing Bee and was a bit apprehensive, but it all came out really well, and the facing made it look lovely and professional. I even got the stitching done properly on the seam so that the facing was hidden – very chuffed.

I really like the fact too that it came with an optional dropped hem at the back, I much prefer a long top and so it was nice that I could choose to do that.

It’s been sat on my wardrobe for a couple of weeks now as I’ve been back at work, but now the sun’s out I think it might be time to give it a whirl. Just need to tidy up a few stray threads so that it can be worn in public and there we go.

If you’re looking to start sewing, this really is a good beginner piece while you get used to the patterns, and all the basic techniques that come with it.



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