Sense & Sensibility – by Joanna Trollope

10 06 2015

sense and sensibility

This was my second adventure into The Austen Project having read Northanger Abbey last year. This means I’ve now got back up to speed, having started with the second book, then the first, am so an now ready to go onto Emma next which I’ve just bought with my birthday money! (Though there’ll most likely be something to break up the Austen first…

So again, the story’s been brought up to date, Elinor Dashwood is an Architecture student, Marianne isn’t just a feeble 19th Century lady but suffers from severe asthma, Colonel Brandon is called “Bill” and Willoughby, “Wills”. There’s also an excellent twist later on to bring one of the plot items up to day, but I’ll leave that for you to find out for yourselves! That all said, a lot of the story still felt like the original Austen. There was still so much about inheritance, about marrying for money, and so much in the way of still slightly formal language, I’m not sure it was stretched as far as it might have been.

I really enjoyed the story, blitzed the second half, but no matter what era I read this book in, the whole way through I will always picture Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet et al, from the incredible traditional film version! This time I just put them in modern dress in my head, but it was still those familiar faces!

I’m not sure if this modernisation is as strong as Northanger was, but I still loved the book, and am very much looking forward to reading the next one!



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