Friday five favourite: Pasta Shapes

18 09 2015

You probably think I’m off my rocker, but I have real preference of some pasta shapes over others! Here are some I love – to contrast, there’s one I can’t stand at the bottom!

A staple I feel, but it’s a good one because once cooked and on the plate it’s pretty dense, none of these air gaps, and it’s just a classic! Also, I never had it growing up as Mum thought it was too tricky and messy to eat, so I make up for it now!
pasta spaghetti

Waitrose Fusilli
Quite particularly Waitrose, I know that sounds revoltingly snobby, but it’s quite different to normal fusilli, just look! way more twisted!
pasta waitrose fusilli

Fusilli Bucati
This was a recent discovery, it’s like someone’s taken spaghetti, twisted it in spirals, and set it! Kinda like a cross between the previous two!
pasta fusilli bucati

Lumache or Pipe Rigate
Tesco stopped selling this recently, and I was sad! Then I found it at Sainsburys called something else, so who knows which is the proper name!
pasta lumache

Up until last time I went, this is what Pizza Express used in their Pollo Pesto, then again I recently found it in Sainsburys 🙂
pasta spirali


We used to have this on Saturdays when I was younger with tinned ham and a jar of pasta sauce. The problem is, if you don’t cook it really really well, the middle stays a tad raw and can be a bit too solid!
pasta farfalle



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