Internet highlights – w/c 15th December 2019

21 12 2019

Images of positive news stories from this year.

Funny receipts.

Potential explanation for ‘Baby it’s cold outside’.

Office dogs who deserve a raise.

Cats in Christmas Trees.

Double Decker bus converted to homeless shelter.

Best Christmas Carol descants.

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Classic Ramsey banter happening over on my Twitter

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💰 #verybritishproblems #shoppingproblems

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The Christmas newsletter.

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Here are a few Christmas songs celebrated in haiku.

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Merry Christmas from us ☺️

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when people ask me if I like Christmas… 🎅🏻I used: —- BASE: #nyxcosmetics Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer #hudabeauty Sugar Cookie Easy Bake Powder #ritueldefille The Sorceress Metamorphic Highlighter —- EYES: #ardelllashes Demi Wispies (cut up) #wemakeup Kolumbo Peacock Ever liquid lipstick #hauslabs Dynasty Glam Attack #glitterpalace El Dorado and Avalon Biodegradable glitters #revolutionpro Nude Supreme Gel Eyeliner pencil —- BROWS: #katvondbeauty Taupe Brow Struck #nyxcosmetics Control Freak brow gel —- #makeup #motd #eotd #christmas #christmasmakeup #christmastree #festive #festivemakeup #weirdmakeup #nyx #huda #hudabeautyshop #kvd #katvondmakeup #hauslaboratories #ladygaga #wegang #wegirls #ardell #inthehaus

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Imagine the queues. #verybritishproblems #christmasshopping

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For our last chart of the year, we're revisiting Die Hard, and the continuing debate about whether it is indeed a Christmas movie. This chart was actually our very first one to go "viral" on reddit, where it got almost 20k upvotes, so we have a bit of a soft spot for it. – So, Is It A Christmas Movie? – If you judge it based on what people do… then yes. Every year, the number of people searching on Google for Die Hard starts to increase once December rolls around. We're going to assume that correlates with people actually watching the movie, and that they aren't just searching for no reason. – That said, Die Hard was initially released in July, 1988. Not exactly the first month that comes to mind when you think "Christmas movie". – Furthermore, when you actually ask people, they aren't so sure. A poll conducted by Morning Consult found that 63% of people who had seen Die Hard thought it was not a Christmas movie. – Either way – everyone is wrong – our favourite take on the debate comes from twitter user Jesse McLaren who says “Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. He sneaks around a tower at night avoiding Alan Rickman. It’s a Harry Potter movie.”.

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