Internet highlights – w/c 19th January 2020

25 01 2020

People lacking common sense.

Stupid pages doctors have received.

A musical analysis of The Simpsons theme tune.

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ready for a new challenge

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Well played Flight Centre! Image: Jon Eaton

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Edit: I have been alerted to the fact that ‘biodegradable’ does have a legal meaning in the UK – it’s just a shame that some of these products have been proven not to do what it says on the packet. So much confusion around that makes doing the right thing so difficult! I tell people this all the time because it isn’t fair that some companies are using the word biodegradable to appear to be better!!! It does NOT always return to nature! (This explains far better than I do!) 😂 Don’t be greenwashed by claims that an item is better because it has the word BIODEGRADABLE on it! You’ll be charged more for it and in some cases it can be worse than the original – although don’t forget that some are also doing exactly the right thing and are actually producing things that compost (and may be using ‘biodegradable’ Please please please share this to the ends of the earth to prevent companies making money unethically by using this word incorrectly; when their products don’t actually disappear! I for one refuse to stock anything when a supplier says it’s biodegradable – for me it has to be home compostable for me to be 100% sure. The word ‘eco’ sends me mad too! Most simply use the word as part of the name of something then it doesn’t have to mean anything!!! Imagine if everything that wasn’t genuinely sustainable was marked as ‘unsustainable’; if everything filled with chemicals was labelled as such instead of using the word ‘natural’ – which often happens; if everything that was single use had ‘bad for the planet’ written all over it! Words control us and are used against us! Dermatologically tested only has to mean it has touched one persons skin and not caused a reaction. Natural can mean (as it does in much vanilla flavouring and scents) that is is from wombat secretions and not from a vanilla pod. Clinically tested means it’s been put under a microscope – nothing more. Please be informed and inform others! #fleetscoop #compostablepackaging #biodegradableglitter #biodegradable #homecomposting #greenwashing #ecofriendly #eco #dontbefooled #protectourplanet #dontbeblinded #knowthedifference #educate #marketingsucks #words

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f l i c k e r

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THEY CHANGED IT!!!! Oh my god I’m drunk with power

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Get you friends who can do it all. @DollyParton

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Oh, go on then…

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