Internet highlights – w/c 5th April 2020

11 04 2020

The Queen wore green for her broadcast, so of course the photoshoppers got on it.

House uses fairy lights to celebrate the NHS.

The problem with cats when working from home.

A story about a whale carcass, dynamite, and how this relates to Coronavirus.

Films & TV Shows that predicted the future.

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inside good. outside bad.

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Tom created the #teapotchallenge and flipping nominated me. Something you should know about me – I’m not good with ballgames. Balls aren’t my friends. So to prepare me for the task ahead I put on the best catsuit ever (given to me a few years ago by the wonderful @scummymummies) knowing that I would at least look like a marvellously posh teapot as I spun around and played with balls… I swore so much and ended up with some minor injuries BUT I didn’t think about anything other than that flipping ball going through the flipping handle of my teapot for at least an hour and a half… thankfully @tomfletcher put a little compilation clip together. Enjoy! Sooooo…. I nominate @rosemarinoramsey @scummymummies @tom.hopperhops @ladbabymum @emmawillisofficial @mattjwillis @mariofalcone ❤️🙌🏼🎾 xxx (and just a cheeky little reminder that bodies come in all shapes and sizes… I’m not ‘hiding’ anything or preparing any announcements. My body just has curves… and is useless at ball activities 😬❤️)

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It be like that #ITCrowd #StayAtHome ⁠

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#stayhome #staysafe @bbc

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I just want to show my appreciation for New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. She has emerged during this crisis as – I would argue – the best leader on planet Earth. Unlike the U.K., New Zealand never once contemplated herd immunity. And they never dithered or looked at the ‘behavioural science’. They just went about saving as many lives as possible. So they locked down early. And as a result New Zealand's lockdown has resulted in only one single death. They have already turned the curve and are considering easing restrictions as they roll out mass testing. This is what happens when you have a leader who doesn't contemplate herd immunity. Oh, and she even has tied to calm anxious kids by confirming the Easter Bunny is an essential worker. We need more Jacindas, now more than ever.

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#jamieoliver #lockdown

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We loved your responses (and suggestions) to our first set of quarantine queries, so we decided to make another using the data from Google trends to map out 9 other ways we're all living differently. – First up you've got the "what is zoom" crowd, who now make up part of the 200 million user base of the company that just a few months ago had only 10 million users. Or maybe they're not part of the user base, maybe they never worked it out. – The "bars near me" folks have started googling "wine delivery" and the people who want a puzzle are digging out their old copy of the sims — hoping to lead an exciting virtual life if they can't lead an exciting actual life. – Meanwhile, the "gym membership" people have quietly taken up online yoga, online fashion has taken a hit, as no-one is after a hot outfit for a date, and pretty much no-one is searching for a "weekend getaway", despite probably wanting one more than ever.

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