Internet highlighhts – w/c 14th June 2020

20 06 2020

Things that are unfortunate.

Mean designs.

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For anyone who needs (or just wants!) a virtual hug 💙

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Why I left Twitter… 😜🤪😳

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These are just a few examples of Racism in the UK. Racism comes in a variety of forms, some of which are harder to see than others . In their recent study found that in 2018 Only 4% of all the children's books published that year featured main characters who are Black or minority ethnic, in 2017 the figure was even lower, at just 1%. Now know that 25% of pupils in UK primary schools are of minority ethnic origins (33% inc White non British) . At Russell group Universities White Academics earn on average £52,000 whilst Black academics earn only £38,000✖️ . In UK schools most pupils are not taught about Britain's colonial past, the transatlantic slave trade, the contribution of Black soldiers in WW1 & 2 & positive contributions of Black historical figures are left unmentioned . Black and minority ethnic workers make up 12% of the U.K. Workforce, so why is it the case that they make up only 6% of management positions . A study was carried out by experts based at The University of Oxford where they applied to 3200 jobs, randomly varying the minority background of job applicants while keeping their skills, qualifications and work experience constant. The study found that applicants from Western Europe and the US were received just as well as those in the majority group, whereas those from the Middle East and North Africa were most strongly discriminated against . How you can help: . Support children's books that represent well developed Black & minority ethnic characters 📚 A few examples include: @vashtiharrison's Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, @mistyonpointe's Firebird & @coilyandcute's Don't Touch My Hair 📖 . Sign the petition to teach Britain's colonial past as part of the UK's compulsory curriculum (link in @esmie.jpg's bio) . Visit @theblackcurriculum for free educational resources (if you are in the position to please also donate) . . Do not remain silent if you witness a racist act in your workplace . Hire, promote and support Black professionals. If you're reading this post right now you're on instagram & have the power to promote Black creators 🌟 . #blacklivesmatter #racism #ukracism #blacklivesmatteruk #antiracism #blm

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To any mf that needs a reminder 🙂 @mhdksafa

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Anything you can do…

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