Ineke’s philosophies on life: Chinese takeaways

28 06 2012

No matter how little Chinese food you order, it will always be too much.

Ineke’s philosophies on life: washing the car

12 06 2012

If you wait to wash your car for long enough, the rain will eventually come.

(That’s waiting patiently, not procrastinating at all 🙂 )


21 10 2011

Just a quick thought today.

They say that time goes fastest when you’re enjoying yourself….
We must really enjoy the time we spend asleep!

It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine

1 10 2011

I’ve had [what I like to think of as] an EXCELLENT idea.

(I’ve also had what might be an excellent idea, but we won’t know until they try it – Chocolate Apple?!)

What’s the most frustrating thing about a Chocolate Orange? Getting that first segment out, absolutely correct!

SO, here’s what I propose: If you are giving someone a chocolate orange, why not, to make things easier for them, not for selfish reasons AT ALL, take out one or two (or 5) segments and eat them first? Wouldn’t that be SUCH a kind and helpful thing to do?

For the record. It doesn’t frustrate me to try and get the first couple of segments out, so if you’re ever giving me a chocolate orange, please don’t feel this would be necessary for me 🙂