Having grace for ourselves

8 09 2016

I wrote this recently for our work intranet… people seemed to appreciate it so I thought I’d bung it on here too…

When I was at university I studied Mathematical Sciences (essentially Applied Maths), this meant an awful lot of contact hours plus countless problem sheets for when you weren’t in lectures or tutorials. In short, if you weren’t on campus you always had some work over your head that you knew you should be doing. When I graduated I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but one of the few things I knew was that I wanted my evenings and weekends back – definitely no further study or graduate schemes!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate of going the extra mile, of hard work, of giving one’s best, but at the same time I’m also a huge advocate of looking after ourselves, of letting ourselves look after ourselves. I truly believe it’s important to have a good work life balance, to take lunch breaks, to log any overtime done to make sure time is taken back. I believe it’s an important element of health – physical, mental and emotional; it’s not laziness, it’s self-care.

Not only that, I think it makes us better employees. I can definitely bear witness that working through lunch means I’m pretty much useless all afternoon, which is why unless there is something very urgent or important on, you will always see me take a full hour break. That one hour vs the three in the afternoon with decent productivity is a good balance! If we keep doing the extra without taking time to rest, we risk burn-out.

Of course there are exceptions. In January this year I was in this office until 10.30pm for a major data pull, which was important at the time, (and I made it home just before the Indian takeaway closed!), as long as it doesn’t become a regular habit.

We’re told in the Bible, by God, to rest on the Sabbath, Jesus himself rested – what better example could we have?

We need to have grace with ourselves to let ourselves look after ourselves.


One of the forgotten benefits of summer is…

16 05 2013

Now I’ve stopped wearing socks for the summer (unless the weather *really* messes up!) it means that I’ve saved a good chunk of time every time I do laundry in not having to pair them all up again!

Ineke’s philosophies on life: mellow yellow

6 04 2013

The rule “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” is not appropriate for the workplace or any public place

It’s completely up to you if you use this in your own home

Ineke’s philosophies on life: Alarm clocks

4 04 2013

No one should ever have need to set their alarm clock for before 6am unless it’s for a holiday

Ineke’s philosophies on life: Pairing up socks

2 04 2013

The monotonous job of pairing up socks after laundry can be made more enjoyable by putting them all in a pile and pretending it’s a game of mahjong

I didn’t say enjoyable, just more enjoyable than it is if you don’t!

Ineke’s philosophies on life: commenting first on your own Facebook posts

17 03 2013

Don’t comment on your Facebook posts when no one else has. All that will happen is that you’ll scroll past it,  see “1 comment” and click on it in that needy way we all do (or at least I do!) to see who’s done it,only to see it was yourself. ..

Ineke’s philosophies on life: If you’re early you will be late

17 11 2012

“If you are have plenty of time, you are far more likely to end up running late”

On a Wednesday I go home from work, have dinner, and have to be out the door again by 6.20pm, and it seems that the earlier I get home, the more time I think I have, so the slower I take things, and so the more likely I am to end up being late!

Ineke’s philosophies on life: the height of your pillows

5 11 2012

A couple of months ago a friend told me lots of pillows was bad for you, so I cut down by one and recently have started to get pain in my shoulder, so instead, I propose this:

The height of your stack of pillows when compressed by the weight of your head should be equal to the horizontal distance between your cheek and your pillow.

The bright side of dark evenings

30 10 2012

I am not a fan of winter. I like days when they’re hot, sunny and long! Leaving work in the dark this week has made me sad.

However, today I found a happiness in it so I thought I’d share!

As I left work, the sky wasn’t quite black, but a navy blue, and as I drove up the hill away from work the lights of the cars, buildings and street lights against the inky sky were so pretty – it looked like Christmas! 🙂

Even in the misery of the dark, there’s prettiness

Ineke’s philosophies on life: “Based on a true story”

15 07 2012

“Based on a true story” translates as “this will not be a happy film”

(Currently watching: “Pursuit of Happyness”)