The opposite of silent letters

3 07 2013

Silent letters, fine,  I got my head around those a long time ago.

  • Psalms
  • Dough
  • Hour
  • Knee

But what about letters we pronounce that aren’t even there?

Where’s the H in sugar?!

What other examples can you think of?

“in the image of”

26 05 2013

Have you ever pondered on this phrase?

In the Bible we’re told “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” – Genesis 1v27

I get what the image of something is, but what about in the image? You might say “oh she’s the image of her mother!” but you wouldn’t say she’s in the image of her mother (would you? maybe I’m wrong!).

The only place where bible gateways search pointed me to a reference of the image of God was Colossians 1v15: “The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.” which is a direct reference to Jesus, saying He is the image of His father.

So what does in His image mean? Does it mean we’re like a part of Him? That we have some similarities?

Any thoughts?!

Things that make you go hmm: cut in two

18 01 2013

You can cut something in half, or cut it in two. Technically these should be opposite, when in fact they’re exactly the same!

Things that make you go hmm: having a temperature

16 01 2013

A couple of years ago, someone I know had a call from their mum to say their sister “had blood pressure”. We all joked that that was a good thing so she wasn’t a mess on the floor, of course, what was actually meant was that she had high blood pressure.

So why is it we regularly say someone “has a temperature” when they’re ill rather than has a high temperature?

Yes I have a Mr Men thermometer – what of it? 🙂

Things that make you go hmm: Biannual!

11 01 2013

Does biannual mean twice a year or every two years? Same for weekly, month, etc!

Things that make you go hmm: Triple or Treble?

4 01 2013

I’m not a linguist by any means, by qualification I’m a mathematician!
But I’ve been pondering this question:

What’s the difference/is there a difference between “Triple” and “Treble”?

Obviously “treble” can be used in situations where triple can’t, in reference to music, but I think this really is a different word (like “row” and “row” are totally different words). But with the implication of the number three, is there actually a difference between “treble” or “triple”?!