Two slices of toast

8 02 2015

So here’s a [very insignificant] issue I face whenever I make myself some toast.

Whenever I make two slices of toast, one is always better than the other. Whether it’s a better shade of golden brown than the other, or has a better spread of peanut butter on it.

So, the question is, which slice do you eat first?

  • Do you eat the good slice while it’s still hot so you get a really almost perfect slice of toast, followed by the inferior slice, which has by then got a bit cold, thus having one excellent and one poor slice.
  • Or do you eat the poor slice first, so it’s at least nice and warm, and then the good slice you eat once it’s not so hot, thus having two average slices of toast?

What do you do?!

Peer pressure

18 07 2014

I never thought of myself as someone who succumbed to peer pressure.

When you hear the phrase peer pressure I don’t know what comes to mind, but I think of things like under-age drinking, smoking, and all that jazz, none of which I even got close to trying at school, or after! These day’s I’m virtually tee-total other than the occasional champagne toast at a wedding, or 1 or 2 Pimms in a summer tops (in fact last year I found a yummy non-alcoholic equivalent to that!)

So anyway, I was never someone who went with the crowd at school, or let what other people thought affect what I did. And I though that was it.

Today I realised I was totally falling for it though, just not in the typical genre. A few of us have been doing a “boot camp” thing after work on Fridays, and I was adamant that at 29C it was too hot and I wouldn’t go today, but because every week I’ve been the person not wanting to go and being pretty negative about it, I got teased and told I should go along anyway. Even though I thoroughly believed it was a stupid thing to do to do strenuous exercise when I could barely handle the heat sat under a tree at lunchtime, I went along with them and went to get changed into appropriate attire.

I then realised what was happening, and started to beat myself up mentally for being so useless at standing up for myself, and so it was only when I came back out to my friends, obviously upset and moody, that they of course said I could just go home if I wanted, which is what I did, but until they said that, I was just going along with what they said to make sure they didn’t think I was useless or pathetic. That’s peer pressure right there.

Even though I’m sure none of them intended it to be peer pressure, they were only doing it with my best interests at heart, I really didn’t handle it well at all.

I guess there’s all different kinds of peer pressure, and lots more we keep learning about ourselves every day!

Prayer & Opportunities

6 04 2014

Last night I watched Evan Almighty, I’m going to go and see Noah tomorrow, so thought I may as well watch something ‘similar’!

In the film you get this quote, which I always find really interesting.

“If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience, or the opportunity to be patient?
If they prayed for courage does he give them courage or the opportunity to be courageous?
If someone prayed for their family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or gives them opportunities to love each other?”

I think on one level this definitely has some validity, if we ask God for something and then don’t try it given the opportunity, then of course it won’t happen.

But what about when someone is in an awful situation where all we want to pray for them is peace and strength. They already have the opportunity to exhibit those things, so does this really apply then?

What do you think?!

Self confidence

2 04 2014

Self confidence has always been a bit of an issue for me in that I’ve never had much.

In the last year or two, with the help of some amazing friends, and just general sorting myself out, this has grown, and I’m much more comfortable in my skin, and definitely less shy of things (at least, compared to what I used to be).

That said, you never want to be over confident, and I worried last week that I reached that.

At house group on Thursday I kept finding myself chipping in, far too often, and I realised I’ve been doing this more and more.

And now it’s time to cut back.

So where is the line? What makes you too over confident, and what means you don’t have enough?


31 03 2014

I’ve posted the first definition of Joy below on here before among a longer article, but it’s come up so many times in the last couple of weeks I just wanted to share it in it’s own space.

Joy is an interesting concept. We so often think of joyful as just being happy, but it really isn’t.

In the bible it says “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: rejoice!” – Philippians 4v4. “always” would imply even when you aren’t happy.

Joy = “Unnatural reaction of deep and steady thankful trust in God”

Joy is not about how we should feel, but how we should think.

It’s almost a head vs heart thing.

When I was little my Grandma taught me the Acrostic below:

Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last

update 1st April: I’ve just added below 2 of the songs I love that focus on Joy 🙂

“Why doesn’t God do something?”

10 02 2014

For a couple of years now I’ve been working through the “For Everyone” Bible study books. The New Testament ones are by Tom Wright, the Old Testament by John Goldingay. The first one I ever did was Matthew for Everyone. Advent was approaching and it seemed a sensible place to start!

As I say, this was a couple of years ago now, but in that book there was one devotional that really struck me, and stayed with me. At the time I posted it on facebook, but then it was so hard to find last month when I wanted to dig it out for team devotions at work! I’ve found it again, and thought I’d share it with you on here.

The passage it’s based on is Matthew 13 vv 24-35 – The Parable of the Weeds

I don’t really want to reproduce the whole thing a) ‘cos it’s a bit long for a blog post, and b) copyright stuff, so I’ve just pulled some of the bits that stood out to me, and then the bit that really stuck with me is in bold at the end.

“Would people really like it if God were to rule the world directly and immediately, so that our every thought and action were weighed, and instandtly judged and if necessary punished, in the scales of his absolute holiness? If the price of God stepping in and stopping a campaign of genocide were that he would also have to rebuke and restrain every other evil impulse, including those we still know and cherish within ourselves, would we be prepared to pay that price? If we ask God to act on special occasions, do we really suppose that he could do that simply when we want him to, and then back off again for the rest of the time?
These parables are about waiting, and waiting is what we all find difficult.”

“At the heart of the parable of the weeds is the note of patience – not just the patience of the servants who have to wait and watch, but the patience of God himself. God didn’t and doesn’t enjoy the sight of a cornfield with weeds all over the place. But nor does he relish the thought of declaring harvest-time too soon, and destroying wheat along with weeds.”

“When today we long for God to act, to put the world to rights, we must remind ourselves that He has already done so, and that what we are now awaiting is the full outworking of those events. We wait with patience, not like people in a dark room wondering if anyone will ever come with a lighted candle, but like people in early morning who know that the sun has arisen and are now waiting for the full brightness of midday.”

Singular or plural

20 01 2014

I read this tweet last night

which obviously makes perfect sense, but then I thought of an example where things get very odd

“The trousers are blue”
“The pair of trousers is blue”

But the sentences both mean exactly the same thing, refer to exactly the same item.

How on earth does that work?!

Don’t believe your eyes!

12 01 2014

I’m generally a fan of a good optical illusion, but some get so overdone. There’s pictures you’ve seen a million times, which line is longer, etc, and you just know what to expect.
optical illusion

You then go one step up to things like this, which manage to move without moving – harder to get your eyes around, though I find if I blur my eyes, not only does it go still, but it also goes black and white?!
optical illusion2

But 2 or 3 years ago there was an episode of QI that blew my mind all over again, and still does when I watch it afresh!

Then last night I saw this, along the same lines but almost a step further

I seriously don’t get it – I’ve been wearing glasses for over 20 years now and I’ve seen all sorts of tests, but this is bizarre. It’s the sort of trick that when it’s happening you literally can’t see how it’s doing it!

A little bit of maths

31 12 2013

Last week it was my Dad’s birthday, and he turned the age of the year my Mum was born. We then realised that Mum was the age of the year Dad was born in. I thought a bit further and realised that when my Dad is the age of the year I was born in, then I’ll be the age of the year he was born in. It looked like this worked every time, but it seemed a good opportunity to work out why.

So I thought I’d de rust my brain and see if I could still do a mathsy proof – turned out it was ridiculously straight forward 🙂

define x=(year person a was born) mod 100
define y=(year person b was born) mod 100

person a reaches the age person b was born at year (x+y) mod 100
person b reaches the age person a was born at year (y+x) mod 100

we know x+y=y+x (e.g. call this z), so this will always happen at the same year


How to spell toasty/ie

17 08 2013

Why is it spelt toasty warm,  but then cheese toastie?