Royal Baby: It’s a girl – name guessing time

2 05 2015

I was halfway through my blog of guessing boy and girl name predictions, looking forward to Simon McCoy on my TV, when the announcement came through that at 8.34am, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a little girl!

When Prince George was born I put forward ten potential names, I guessed at Alexandra for a girl before we knew the gender, but as Alexander is one of George’s middle names, I think this is less likely now. Here are my guesses for this time around.

  • Elizabeth – I think this would be a lovely middle name, I don’t think they’d make it a first name while Her Majesty is still on the throne, but you never know! It’s also Catherine’s middle name, so it would be quite adorable.
  • Diana – Again probably not a first name, but I think this would be wonderful as a middle name in tribute.
  • Victoria – One of the most incredible Queens in history, a very royal name, and not all that old fashioned once shortened.
  • Mary – I’m not sure that this is that likely, but it’s a name of Queens in the past, and one of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names, and not of any current senior royal.
  • Rose – Again probably not that likely, but it’s a beautiful name, and middle name of the Queen’s sister, Margaret. I thought about putting Margaret forward, in fact, yea maybe I will.
  • Margaret – A cute little Maggie could be quite lovely, but will all the links to Thatcher, would it be too political, especially right before an election?
  • Carol – This is Catherine’s mum’s name, and she’s said to be helping out a lot and quite involved, so it could pop up in the middle somewhere
  • Alexandra – You know what, I’m going to keep this on my list, other than it being George’s middle name, there’s no other good reason why not.
  • Alice – This time I heard the bookies favourite before I put my list together, and this is the top one
  • Charlotte – Again, this is another top one at the bookies, who knows.