Too busy not to pray – by Bill Hybels

28 12 2016

One 190 page book for two months? Must be non-fiction!

I was looking for a fairly practical book on prayer and given I’d heard of Hybels and this book for years – plus the fact it was celebrating a 20th anniversary and still worth a reprint, all whilst acknowledging the busy-ness of modern life in the title, this seemed worth a try.

It was a little less practical and a little more theory-based than I had hoped for, (though I appreciate that that is important!), but it had a couple of chapters that were more practical so that was good, and I still turned down many many page corners to go back to!

Most of the sections talk about why we should pray and the fact that God wants us to pray. There’s a strong focus on supplication, although, again, there are sections looking at worship, confession, etc.

Hybels does cover ideas like writing your prayers down, keeping a prayer journal, finding a specific place, and gives one suggested structure for your prayer time. I was hoping for more ideas, but what was there was definitely useful.