Weetabix – how do you eat yours?

31 08 2011

This morning for the first time in several months I cracked open a box of Weetabix (actually, Tesco’s own brand, but same difference), as the time had come yet again to change what I have for breakfast.

I have a very set way I eat my Weetabix. After discussing this with someone at lunch today (who has given up on breakfast all together as it’s so boring!) I’ve realised my method may be a little odd. Let me share it with you, let me know what you think!

  1. Take 2 Weetabixs out of the packet. Place one in the bowl, put one to one side.
  2. Get everything else you want with your breakfast out and ready where you want to sit and eat, and make sure you have your spoon out too.
  3. Pour milk into the bowl over the first Weetabix to about level with the top of the Weetabix (obviously dependent on the size of the bowl!)
  4. Very quickly take the bowl and the spare Weetabix to where the rest of your breakfast is, rest the spare Weetabix on your knee, and eat the wet one as fast as possible before it goes soggy.
  5. Make sure all mulch is consumed.
  6. Take the second Weetabix, put it in the bowl and turn over once so both sides are wet.
  7. Repeat process of swift consumption before this Weetabix too gets soggy.
  8. Again consume any remaining mulch (if you can face it), also the remaining milk, and bin any mulch that just makes you want to gag.

That’s how I eat mine, how do you eat yours?!

What other foods do you have weird methods of eating?