[Not quite] Friday Five Favourite: Christmas Adverts 2016

25 11 2016

The competition for best Christmas advert is so strong this year that I’m having to do a runners up list! I’ll save my top five for next week, but here, in no particular order, are those that didn’t quite make it!

Marks and Spencer


TK Maxx



Dream a little Christmas Dream – by Giovanna Fletcher

2 01 2016

Giovanna Fletcher seems to be another author whose books I’ve gotten into the habit of reading, so when she brought out a little Christmas Novella like last year, based on the novel she had published this summer, I thought, why not?!

I was so keen to finish my last book that yes, I have read this one in January, but it’s only 85 pages and I managed it in about 3 sittings.

It’s warm, fuzzy, and predictable – I had the ending pegged from only a few pages in, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t still give me goosebumps at the end, very feel good, pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a mini Christmas chick-lit read. Delightful.

dream a little christmas dream

Internet highlights – w/c 27th December 2015

2 01 2016

Notes left by postmen

Fuel economy – Automatics aren’t always the worst!

Key differences between men and women

Cat or Dog person? What about Rabbit?

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Internet highlights – w/c 20th December 2015

26 12 2015

Choosing a new Santa for Downton

How to draw attention to a low ceiling

Alternative nativities

Girl turns down proposal because the diamond is too small

When Bear Grylls prayed for Barack Obama on national TV

People share their Christmas sleeping arrangements

Introvert Tweets

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Internet highlights – w/c 13th December 2015

19 12 2015

Who said it? Donald Trump or Michael Scott?

How all Christmas movies are connected

Malala shuts down Donald Trump

The writer of Love Actually rewatches it and live tweets all sorts of information

Americanisms the Brits love to hate

Why you should make you kids watch “Friends”

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Friday Five Favourite: Christmas Songs

11 12 2015

I’d call this a fairly eclectic mix. I will put in a disclaimer early on that these are not all Christian songs – shock horror! I have put together a mixture of my absolute favourite songs that are justifiable to play at this time of year! We have Worship, Pop, Classical, Carol and Folk
What are your favourite Christmas Songs?

The People Who Walk In Darkness – Based on Isaiah 9, and just so celebratory!

Merry Christmas Everyone – I find it extremely difficult not to dance to this song!

Christmas Festival Overture – My favourite bit of this one is when Jingle Bells turns into O Come All Ye Faithful, it’s so clever!

O Come All Ye Faithful – Who doesn’t love a descant at Christmas?

Ding Dong Merrily on High – I love to just listen to the glockenspiel in this one!

Internet highlights – w/c 29th November 2015

5 12 2015

How to survive office meetings

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Internet highlights – w/c 22nd November 2015

28 11 2015

If you remember this, you’re really old

Christian Apps that should exist

Christmas Carol Service Bingo cards

Milton Jones on Comedy, Christianity and Evangelism

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Friday five favourite: Christmas Adverts 2015

27 11 2015

Something else that’s become something of an annual tradition – my Friday Five Favourite Christmas adverts from this year 🙂





Asda – this is mainly for the car covered in fairy lights 🙂

I haven’t put John Lewis in this year, mainly due to the science issues….! That said, a good remake has been done, so as a bonus, please enjoy the below:

A late entry from the Co-op!

**UPDATE 2**
And a superb one from vodafone!

Internet highlights w/c 28th December 2014

3 01 2015

Christmas pancakes

Fantastic letter of complaint to a bank

Radio Times TV Quiz 2014 – I got 16/24, how about you?

Christmas 2014 – lessons learnt

The best way to react if ditched just before your wedding

The end of Internet Explorer?

Getting your car on the correct side of the fuel hoses at the garage can be a complicated business

A whole load of creative Christmas trees

New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world

Very challenging piece on why we have to be careful with how much power and importance we choose to give sung worship in the church

Science may increasingly be making the case for God

Unfortunate publishing layouts

Dogs that aren’t that great at being dogs