19 01 2014

Today was Covenant Sunday at our church, this meant that all members recommitted to, remade the promise they made when they first became church members there.

When I first became a church member of the church I grew up in, the process was such that I had a chat with a couple from the church, they asked me questions and got to know me a bit better, then they fed back at the church meeting and I was voted in. After that, at the first communion service following the meeting, I was welcomed into membership formally.

When I became a member at Heathervale, on top of the process above, at that communion service I was asked to make a promise. That promise is a covenant, that each church member makes with one another, and is renewed at the start of each year.

Here is what we said:

“Having been led, as we believe, by the Holy Spirit to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour and on profession of our faith having become a member of His Church, we now enter into a covenant relationship with Him and with each other.

By God’s grace we endeavour:

  • To lead a holy life and to walk together in Christian love according to the command and example of Jesus Christ.
  • To strive for the spiritual advancement of this church, to sustain its worship, ministry and discipline by our presence and means.
  • To behave before the world according to the teaching and example of Jesus Christ as recorded in Scripture.
  • To bring up our children with a knowledge of Christ’s love and Christian values.
  • To act in a way that promotes fellowship and unity.
  • To remember each other in prayer.
  • To support each other in sickness and difficult circumstances.
  • To endeavour by all means to share the gospel with those who have not committed their lives to Christ.”

I think it’s great that firstly we make these promises as part of our membership, but secondly, that we recommit each year, and are reminded afresh what it is we have promised, covenanted, to do and to be.

Does your church make promises as members? What do you promise if so?