Sewing: The Walkaway Dress

14 08 2016

You may or may not remember that last year, after making my first top, I attempted the walkaway dress, but had some trouble.

Well, after tweeting that year’s Sewing Bee contestants for help (the pattern was from the book accompanying the series), they put me in touch with the lady that actually wrote the book and she sent me a really helpful email which answered my questions and problems. The next issue was just getting started again. I don’t have space for my sewing machine where I live at the moment, and each time I’ve visited my parents lately there hasn’t been time for setting all my sewing stuff up. But when a year passed I realised that if I didn’t set myself a deadline I’d never do it, so I decided I’d wear the dress to my housemate’s wedding (which was yesterday) and so it had to be done by then!

Once I gave time to it, it wasn’t too hard to do at all – I was surprised that it was categorised as easy in the book when I saw it, but as I did it, I realised that was true! it takes a LOT of thread as you hem the huge circle skirt and bias bind all the raw edges, but there’s nothing too complicated. The hardest bit for me was sewing the buttons on! There should have been one on the back and three on the front, but I ran out of bias binding (so maybe round up their measurement for that when buying) so just did one on the back and one on the front – and that was more than enough for me, I’ve always hated doing buttons!

I altered the pattern slightly in that I just added a few inches to the length of the skirt to make it go below the knee which I prefer. This was the first dress I’ve ever made and I’m really pleased with it.

I’ll be moving house soon and once I’m settled should have space for my sewing machine. I also got Chinelo Bally’s “Freehand Fashion” book for my birthday, so can’t wait to try out some of her stuff – sewing without patterns! Watch this space.