BHF – Ramp up the Red – …after

7 02 2014

It’s done! Today I raised over £100 for the British Heart Foundation just by putting 2 cans of red hairspray on my hair.

I said this morning that I was really scared, I hate to be the centre of attention, so walking into the office to cheering at the hair was not the most enjoyable… But I dealt with it.

The good thing with it being my hair is that I kept forgetting about it, until I popped to the bathroom and caught myself in the mirror, that surprised me each time!

So very grateful to everyone who encouraged me today, everyone who donated, and of course to my housemates for helping out with this creation – and trying not to suffocate on the stuff in the process!


BHF – Ramp up the Red – before…

7 02 2014

On Room 101 last week someone decided to put fundraising into Room 101. His reasoning was that people always choose things they’ve always wanted to do and use raising money for charity as an excuse. You know, sky diving, paragliding, all sorts.

Today I am doing something to raise money for charity that I really don’t want to do. I’m spraying my hair bright red. That in itself isn’t that scary, it’s what that’s going to mean for my whole day.

I really don’t like being the centre of attention, but today I’m going to have no choice. It’s not like I’m going to be able to turn it off for 5 minutes when I want a break. People are going to be staring, asking about it, etc all day. The closest I’ll get to escaping this is hiding in the bathroom, but I’m paid to work, so that’s not really an option! Even the walk between the office and the car at the start of the day when Joe Bloggs and all the world will see – goodness me, this could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, why am I even doing it?

I’m doing this to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Heart disease is the nation’s single biggest killer, and these guys support those who suffer from it, and put research into what we can do about it. Heart disease is massive in my family, it’s an issue close to my heart, so today I’m going out of my comfort zone and beyond to raise money for them – can’t ever say this is something I’ve “always wanted to do”!

Well that’s the before, I guess I should go and get on with it now, it’s spray time! – I’ll post photos here later all being well…..

Oh, and if I’ve tugged at your heartstrings, you can sponsor me here!