Anxiety – One year on

8 08 2013

This time last year I wasn’t very well.

Reading through my personal diary entries from this time last year and seeing what a state I was in, it kind of surprises me. I didn’t really realise how bad it was until I started missing work. So I can’t help but feel so utterly blessed and grateful for how much things have improved and are better now!

Thanks so much to my wonderful friends and family for their prayers and support and for helping me through this. I may be on [very mild] medication, and I may not be 100% 24/7, but I am so much better than this time last year that it’s barely comparible! Last year it was dehabilitating, this year, barely noticeable!

Praise God! 🙂

This last year I have learnt:

  • Medication is not a bad thing. – Yes there is a massive stigma that comes with anti-depressants, and it really put me off taking them, but if I could have known then the change being on the smallest dose you can take would make, I would never have hesitated!
  • It’s good to talk. – A year ago barely anyone in my day to day life knew I suffered with anxiety, but when I was going through a bad attack, it was so much easier once I knew I could text people to ask for prayer without having to explain, or for the people I was with to know and so not to make a fuss and knowing how to handle me, again without me having to explain in any detail what was going on.
  • Loads of people suffer from mental health issues. – I really thought that all that “1 in 4 people are affected by mental health problems” stuff was over exaggerated, but as I talked with more people, the amount of them who said they either are or were at some point battling a mental health issue, on medication etc, really did surprise me! This is possibly what encouraged me most. Particularly one friend who I massively respect and would never had guessed in a million years was battling anything like this, turns out is – it doesn’t make you a bad person at all!!

I’m sure there’s more lessons to come out of this for me, but thought I’d share what I have so far.

Mental health is getting so much more press lately too. BBC have been doing a season on mental health. And more and more noteable people e.g. Stephen Fry, seem to be speaking out as charities like Mind and Time to Change work to increase awareness and decrease discrimination in this country. There’s really some great stuff going on and some fantastic progress being made.

Let’s not be afraid to talk about it!