The Daily Post: People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree?‏

23 10 2011

This morning at church I had my first go at doing the projector. This was a little more complicated than the last church I did this regularly in, including recording the sermon, uploading it to the web and burning CDs but seemed pretty doable! As it happens, this was meant to be a pretty straightforward service, but between one of the songs being wrong, a guitar string breaking, one microphone not working and problems with the computer picking up sound for the recording, it was a little hectic.

A couple of years ago I was at a Christian holiday thing, and the 20-30s venue was in a marquee. One night, the power just wasn’t working, so for one night, and one night only, we experienced life with no technology! It was beautiful. Three people dispersed themselves throughout the group with acoustic guitars, and we just sang songs of worship that we all knew, it was incredible.

Now don’t get me wrong, technology has so so many advantages, but yes, we do get dependent on it. Sometimes it’s good to have everything fall apart to remind us that we can live without it! Those problems this morning didn’t stop us worshipping!

The Daily Post: Describe your perfect meal

7 08 2011

This is relatively easy, but the more I think about it, the more things I want to include! And for someone with a relatively small appetite, that doesn’t really work, but here goes!

I’m not a big fan of starters, as I’ve said, I sometimes have a pretty small appetite. I’ve previously learnt that soup is a dangerous starter as it can completely fill me, but maybe some nibbles or something. Nah, let’s skip the starter!

Curry!! But I’ll go into a little more detail. Definitely chicken, maybe Korma or Tikka Masala or Tikka Makhani etc, or even a mixture! With pilau rice, cooked so it’s gone a little crispy at the edges, but generally cooked just right!

Again this could be dealt with in one word: Chocolate 🙂 I think Ben & Jerry’s needs to be involved, probably Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Half Baked, with maybe some actual brownie, slightly microwaved. Ooo and squirty cream 🙂 Squirty cream is something that improves any dessert it’s added to 🙂

See now I’d say a chocolate drink or a smoothie, but if it has to go with a meal then we want something less stodgy. As there’s been no mention of veg yet, lets go with a Pimms, totally filled with fruit 🙂

So it depends how realistic this is meant to be. If I can mess with nature, then definitely outside in the strong sunshine with a light cool breeze. However, if this is real life, then that would include battling with flies, wasps and all sorts, therefore inside!

The Daily Post: Any vehicle

12 04 2011

If you could pilot any vehicle, real or fictitious, what would it be?

To me, this felt pretty obvious – the DeLorean

DeLorean Back to the Future

What other vehicle does roads, air and time?! Now, those of you who know me will know my opinion of aeroplanes (they shouldn’t stay in the air), but this is different. Just like a helicopter or a space rocket, you can see and feel how it’s staying up, so that problem is eliminated!

The only issue I may have is getting the guts to reach 88mph!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”

The Daily Post: Chocolate or Vanilla?

14 03 2011

I know I haven’t done this for a while, but today’s topic was so laughably easy that I just had to post!

Any of you who know me won’t even have to read this to know the answer – CHOCOLATE!

I’m still not sure I entirely believe in Vanilla. Vanilla is like the “plain” ice-cream, the one they start with to add stuff in to make all the other flavours. I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying it’s savoury, but you get my point!

Chocolate is gooey and flavourfull and just yummy!

Chocolate is also a bean and therefore good for you 🙂

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Someone recently was talking about their love of chocolate, and asked me “but do you eat it once a day?” my response was along the lines of “it’s more of a case of how many times a day!”

….great, now I want chocolate!!

The Daily Post: Snow Day

11 01 2011

“10th” January
How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

I decided to backtrack a day. I was away over the weekend and kinda missed this topic, so thought I’d do it today as today’s didn’t inspire me!

We had a snow day at the start of December if my memory serves me correctly. It snowed quite a bit overnight, so as is always the routine when snow is forecast that night, my alarm was set early, and straight away the radio and internet went on to see what I could find out. Trains were running in bits and pieces, but not reliably enough that I was convinced I’d get home again. After an hour or 2 of national rail observations, radio weather reports and contacting my boss we decided it was probably safest and best that I stay home that day.

By this time my other housemate, Alana, was up, and realising we were out of staple foods I went on an Emergency Food Run. We have a Co-op a 5-10minute walk away, so about 9.30am I headed out. My list was bread, milk, you know, emergency stuff! Well, sliced bread was all gone, so we got little rolls, normal milk was all gone too; the choices were single pints of posh organic stuff, or 6pints of “blue” milk, ie, full fat. My common sense told me the blue milk was better value for money, even if we didn’t finish it, and who knows how long we’d be stuck in anyway! (turns out it was only a day, but the milkman took a few days to resume his rounds!).

So that was it, bread and milk. Hmm, emergency stuff, should probably get some snacking stuff too…. So a bag of deluxe triple chocolate chip cookies and 2 slabs of chocolate? Yea that should do us!

The rest of the day was in the safe and warm. From what I remember the day was mainly film & tv! Alana went out to get some film and photos of the snow, but my walk to the shop was more than enough!

In the last couple of years I’ve had no urge to play in the snow at all. At uni it was great, as a house we went out to play, build a snowman, make snow angels, fall over in the park and have snowball fights. But in Guildford there just wasn’t that atmosphere. People have work to do, I don’t really know anyone other than my housemates, and I know of no parks near here at all(!)

Oh, and for a Canadian’s perspective on the snow, check out here!. (The observant of you will see that this is my housemate Alana!)

The Daily Post: Who deserves more credit?

2 01 2011

2nd January
Name someone who deserves more credit than they get. And for bonus points, how to change things so they get more
I didn’t think I could think of anything to post for this one, but then it occured to me, that while third world producers get a fair amount of credit in the circles I tend to move in (though they could always get more…), I reckon there’s probably a lot more that could be done.
There’s been a huge improvement in the last decade or so, from just chocolate, drinks and bananas early on, to pasta, toilet roll, and even cotton buds these days!
But there is still so much that isn’t fairly traded. I’m no where near as active as I should be in focussing my shopping on fair trade, but even if I were, there’s still many things out there that you just can’t get fair trade, and so the workers behind these products do go unappreciated and without the credit (and financial payment) they deserve for their work.

The Daily Post: Three countries

1 01 2011

Over 2011 WordPress has set a challenge to blog more. I’m sure I won’t but I thought I may as well give it a go. Their suggestions are to blog daily or weekly, or just more than you currently do, so I’m just going to pick and choose as and when I have the time and something to say on the subject!

1st January
List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.
This will probably end up pretty similar to my previous post, but as I consider where I might go on holiday this year (or in the future when I could hypothetically afford to travel a little more), here are some of those on my list:

  • Italy
    I’ve wanted to go here for a while now. A little warmer than here (and apparently very warm in the summer 🙂 ), and I’m a fan of Italian food, this is definitely on my list. On top of which, I should be able to get a plane (it’s not *too* far, I might just cope!) or a train or even drive (when I can!), and it wouldn’t cost a complete fortune. My parents went to Italy this year, or I suppose last year now! and mum keeps telling me how much I’d like it. Definitely on the list.
  • Australia/New Zealand
    I’m going to put these 2 into one as once you’re on the other side of the planet you may as well make the most of it and multi task! Again this is a weather related thing. I’ve been told of just shocking temperatures in Oz which sounded awesome when it was -9C here! Equally there’s no language barrier with these places (I speak zero Italian!) and so I imagine it could just be like a hot Britain! New Zealand is supposed to be beautiful, and there’s some pretty iconic things to see in Australia.
  • America
    It’s hard to know where to start with this one. Such a diverse country, so much to see. This and Down Under are both going to have to wait til I have a bit more cash in the bank, and can either get over my fear of flying or find an alternative, but there’s so much I want to see over the pond. New York definitely, probably Florida, California, and all the stuff in between!

Maybe a round the world Cruise is in order!
World Map