Held in the palm His hand

29 12 2013

I’ve been holding this blog post back for weeks because I can’t find a biblical basis for it anywhere, even though it’s a phrase we use all the time in Christian circles! (So do let me know if you know of one!)

Before I went to Uganda I was pretty nervous. I’m not in the slightest bit well travelled, and the idea of adapting to such a different culture was a bit concerning too. I was so grateful to have so many people praying for me. One thing someone said to me, I’m not even sure who anymore, was to remember that I’m held in the palm of His hand. And this stuck with me.

I reflected on this a little, I don’t think I’ll be any good at explaining my thoughts, but what’s new?! Here goes!

Hold your hand out face up in front of you.

Make it as flat as possible.

There’s still a dip.

Even if God didn’t have His hand closed tightly, there’s still a valley.

Even in an open palm, because we are tiny in comparison to Him, we are so safe, there’s no way to fall out.

Probably theological twaddle, but hey, maybe the idea helps? I don’t know – sorry if I offended at all!