The Time Traveler’s Wife – by Audrey Niffenegger

20 05 2013

I’d seen the film of this a long time ago, but as books are so often better and I’d picked it up cheaply in one of those bargain bookshops years ago I thought I’d knock it off my list.

I found this a bit tricky to get into. The first chunk of the book time jumps around a lot, and it was pretty hard to follow. However, once the book reached a point where there was a bit more flow to time, as in you were at least watching one of the characters timelines chronologically, it got far easier to understand what was going on!

The book got a bit dodgy in places, but only really 3-4 times max, most of it was clean or I’d’ve given up far earlier, but really it was only a couple of scenes that I could get past and move on.

Once I got into it the narrative got stronger and stronger until, as so often happens, I couldn’t put it down! I knew what was coming having seen the film, but still it’s very well written!

If you can get past a bit of smut (what a great word!) and confusion, then worth a read. I don’t know if I’d read it a second time now I’ve done it the once, especially as the film is a cleaner version! But it’s a lovely story 🙂

the time travelers wife