Internet highlights – w/c 26th July 2015

1 08 2015

Which Paul Rudd is older? – possibly the most difficult quiz in existence!

How to cope as an introvert at a Christian festival

Words and phrases we learnt from ‘Friends’

Diamonds grown in labs

Ways to manage mischief at a Christian festival

Can you match the quote to the Harry Potter book

How well do you know the Harry Potter stories? – I was hoping for a fairly decent score but somehow managed to get 57/57!

A history of royal wedding dresses – parts one and two

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Internet highlights – w/c 22nd March 2015

28 03 2015

90s girls’ bedrooms… – if I didn’t have it, then I wanted it!

Couple nearly suffocate in their car when they don’t realise they could open the door with the handle…

Scrubs wasn’t always a comedy

Things that happened on Friends that today’s kids would never get

Internet highlights – w/c 15th March 2015

21 03 2015

The British officially hate UKIP more than Marmite or Ryanair

Grown up Hungry Hippos

It could hit 27C over Easter!!

Suggestions for people to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear

Why you shouldn’t send work emails out of hours

Daily Express Bingo

Another version of the eclipse