Internet highlights – w/c 11th March 2018

17 03 2018

Genius inventions.

Phrases people would like confined to Room 101.

Things that fit PERFECTLY.

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Internet highlights – w/c 4th March 2018

11 03 2018

How many laws did you break today just because you’re female?

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Internet highlights – w/c 25th February 2018

3 03 2018

Flaws in Disney logic.

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Brain Freeze – by Tom Fletcher

28 02 2018

I just read a book in under half an hour!
Yes, it’s for children.
Yes, it cost £1 new.
Yes, it’s only 86 pages, some of which are only pictures.
But that’s not the point!

I started the other book I’m reading over a month ago and am only halfway through, and so was getting frustrated with my lack of progress. Generally I refuse to start another book while I have one on the go, but as mentioned, this one was tiny, so when I saw it in tesco, I picked it up – it looked like fun! As well as being by Tom from McFly!

It’s a very sweet and very clever little book – Izzy’s Grandpa was an Ice Cream Man, he passed away a year ago and so she eats ice cream every day to remember him. One night, she hasn’t been able to have ice cream and worries she’s forgetting him, so she sneaks out to his old van, and finds it can do so much more than just produce icecream – it can travel in time!

Internet highlights – w/c 18th February 2018

24 02 2018

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Internet highlights – w/c 11th February 2018

17 02 2018

Theologically correct Valentine’s cards.

12 things learned from reading every single National Rail timetable.

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Internet highlights – w/c 4th February 2018

10 02 2018

Simon Thomas on depression, anxiety and the loss of his wife.

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