Bath CU Weekend Away 2009

16 11 2009

I was massively privileged this weekend to be able to cook for the lovely people of Bath CU. Each year a few graduates come back to help with the cooking, this year for 140 people!!
Just thought I’d share a few of the highlights!

  • Singing washer uppers
    After each meal, 3 or 4 bedrooms were on rota to wash up and clean up the dining hall. Everyone was so helpful, and got it all done rather efficiently. But the most entertaining sqaud as it were, were easily the boys that did the washing up after Saturday lunchtime. To retain their manliness they decided to sing…. ok that doesn’t sound any more manly, but it was manly songs, so starting with Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and carrying on from there, Jerusalem, Bread of Heaven, etc!
  • Beat boxing shine Jesus shine
    No CU weekend away is complete without the Caberet, and this year did not disappoint! Proper funny compereing (seriuosly!) broke up acts such as Chucklevision, the Fletch Sketch, and CU Blind Date (that assured us that CU *is* a dating agency – didn’t work for me!) was a very special performance of Kum Bah Yah. This started with a verse of “Someones singing Lord” and then moved into “Someones beatboxing Lord” which included some rapping from Aaron, and a fantastic rendition of Shine Jesus Shine 😀 best song EVER!…. and closed with an acapella “O Lord Kum Bah Yah”. Stunning!
  • Late night ceilidhing
    After the caberet finished around 11pm, we were told to meet back in half an hour with shoes on for a suprise, which was a Ceilidh. It made for a really brilliant evening, I really enjoyed myself and even though my feet hurt, it was great fun! Probably the most time I got to spend seeing people properly too!
  • Stolen roast lunch
    Obviously most of my time there was spent in the kitchen. Saturday I was in there 7.30am-09.30am, 10.30am-2pm, 3.30pm-8.30pm, and on the Friday we didn’t finish clearing up until 11.30pm. So we really appreciated the food once we got to eat it!
    So for the roast dinner for Sunday lunch, I was less than impressed when we joined our table to find that all the food had been shared out between the 7 boys sat there, leaving none for us 3 from the kitchen! Fortunately there were a few spares left for seconds, so we ate them, and severely warned them if the same thing happened with dessert!!
  • Familiarity and closeness
    I really valued the time I got to spend with people this weekend, it was SO good to see people I knew well, people who would instantly put an arm round me to say hi, and who I just know and love! I don’t really know anyone well enough for that around here really. There is just a closeness within Bath CU where we all saw so much of each other, not just in main meetings, and it was like being back with family this weekend. I got quite upset when I got on the train back, because who knows if/when I’ll see some of them again… not a nice thought.

I also didn’t realise how much I’d missed the city of Bath. When I walked out of the train station on Friday lunchtime, I just grinned, it was such a good feeling to just be back there. I was only there for an hour, so I’ll have to go again soon and have a slightly less stressful weekend and just enjoy it there… and hopefully see people again!

So in summary, amazing weekend, amazing people who I already miss massively, but such a blessing to have had that time! (Always good to end sounding soppy 🙂 )



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