Another weekend in Bath, another blog post!

16 12 2009

I obviously need big things to happen to blog, but at least it means I’m not drowning you in dull day-to-day nonsense like I used to!

So this last weekend I popped over to Bath again. Leaving bright and early Friday morning I popped into Guildford then off to the Westcountry πŸ™‚ After choking on a hot chocolate at Reading station (yes people gave me looks!) I got to Bath around lunchtime and met Jenni for lunch. This was a very good lunch indeed – Hot Christmas Pudding Shakeaway – HIGHLY recommended! After she went off to buy the contents of Sainsburys to feed a LOT of people I went off and became a tourist πŸ™‚ Lots of photos to be found on facebook!

Around 3 I had the fantastic idea of walking up Bathwick hill. That was a sarcastic fantastic.
Bathwick Hill is about a mile of constant uphill. I only attempted it twice my entire time at uni, but thought why not! Fortunately I bumped into Jayne halfway up and had a chat and a breather!

Once on campus I met up with Ben for a drink (another hot chocolate – I’d had so much that day that I couldn’t even finish it!) and popped over to the Doctors …really must register in Guildford soon!

Had a pizza for tea with Tash – I miss student prices!! it was good pizza too, we sat on a bench in the dark by the lake!

That evening we had a bit of culture, we went to see Aaron in Twelfth Night. I remembered studying it at school, but not much about it. As the play went on I recognised bits and it all got a bit more familiar, but Shakespeare is hard work on the brain on a Friday night! We all came out of it feeling pretty snobbish and proud of ourselves for being cultured though πŸ™‚

This was followed by a trip to the pub since it was Aarons birthday, and we met Dr John Stark as he had become that day! All a bit celebratory! At half 12 they kicked all us sober Christians out, but the house I was staying at was only over the road, so we went across and chatted there til about half 2… I really don’t know when I last did that, I miss it! That night I slept on a sofa bed that is more comfortable than my bed here, that was kind of sad, but lovely!

Saturday was Gemmas birthday, so we went to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol for IceSkating and dinner, all good fun, though by this point I’d mislaid a glove somewhere 😦

We got a bus back to Bristol Parkway train station, and then the aim was to get a train to either Temple Meads or straight to Bath… so of course we ended up on one to Birmingham New St…. the first stop is Cheltenham Spa, which is halfway there, so that was a fun excursion!

I slept on Lauras floor that night. It’s very strange being guest of someone you used to live with, it’s hard to know how guestlike to be!

Sunday morning at Hay Hill was an all age nativity FANCY DRESS service – fantastic! we had Marys, Josephs, Shepherds, Animals and Angels. Some people had really gone to town on their outfits! I just had a blue scarf on my head as Mary!

After a manic 48 hours or so I realised I had no plans for lunch or the afternoon, so after texting a couple of people I headed to The Whole Bagel for lunch πŸ™‚ and sat on a bench and listened to all the buskers who’d turned out for the day, including a guy murdering Pachelbel’s Canon on his violin, accompanied by drums and an electric guitar… and a load of Cheerleaders singing carols at the top of their lungs!

I spent a good couple of hours that afternoon in Cafe Nero with Ruth which was lovely, and saw Rachel for a bit too πŸ™‚

Killed my last couple of hours back at Pulteney Terrace where I spent Friday night, and learnt the dream game – can’t decide if I love it or find it weird!

Then I got a train back to Guildford and went to bed

The End!



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